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Meet Jean Chan, the founder of Bee or B Gallery and a gifted artist who takes beautiful wedding photographs. Her novel gallery offers a 360 service of photography for your daily needs from pre-wedding and wedding day photography to maternity photography, newborn photography, family photography, event photography and so on. Bee or B gallery customises their services to the dot to serve your photography needs. 

With a feral passion to be a self-made entrepreneur, Jean has years of experience working in a bridal gallery from sales, design, marketing to event planning before taking the bold step to venture out on her own. Her collection of photography portfolios include themes inspired from artistic and vintage photography.

Wearing the director’s hat, she advises couples on how to pose and offers tips on camera angles while allowing them to be themselves. The casual environment her team creates is able to draw shy husbands out of their hard shell, to get them both comfortable with the wedding spotlight and capture their love.

It can be a daunting task to work outdoors for an entire day with heavy and bulky gears, but testimony to her tough-girl nature, she is always willing to rough it out through sun and rain, laying on grass fields and even climbing up walls just to capture a perfect shot of the couple.  

Her wander-lusting spirit enjoys backpacking to untouched places which is a huge source of inspiration to her when she is not working 50 hours a week. Driven by customer satisfaction, she works up to 16 hours on a wedding day from shooting to preparation of the wedding montage till the dinner reception.

{ Bee or B : we capture memories } 
 Contact 012-6175731 for any enquiry or visit https://www.facebook.com/beeorb for more updates.

instagram: @beeorb @jeanxchan


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