love in . Olive Branch .

Another pre-wedding shooting place where full with nature.

OLIVE BRANCH - only an hour from Kuala Lumpur is a little-known valley of orchards , orang asli villages and virgin rainforest. 

Lovingly developed over 25 years by Helen and David and their family, the Dusun honors the idea of sustainable farming and jungle conservation. Its houses are set to catch the wind and combine elements of both Malay and orang asli style.

There are few houses. Each is unique and each is out of sight of the others. Peace, privacy and space are the essence of the Dusun. 

This place for pre-wedding shoot? Yay or nay?

You can contact us now at 012-617 5731 or 
write in to for any enquiry.

~ your ideal wedding begins here. ~


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